Contact:  Becky VanWinkle, BestPetPeeves@gmail.com
Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.

Becky being a life-long resident of Colorado, for numerous reasons, relocated to Cheyenne in 2010. From childhood years, animals have been a huge part of Becky's life, and they still are today.  She has years of experience and knowledge caring for animals, and a lot of "Horse Sense" so to speak.  As well, she has a keen sense for behavioral changes which may indicate illness or injury.
· Best Pet Peeves was established in February 2012; is based in Cheyenne,
  Wyoming, and provides quality pet sitting services to Cheyenne and the
  surrounding area.
· Best Pet Peeves mission is to continually strive for excellent customer
  service and the building of relationships with both clients and their pets.
· Best Pet Peeves is a Member of Pet Sitters Associates, Bonded and
  Insured, and certified in Pet First Aid.
· Personal References available upon request.
· Referrals are the life blood of Best Pet Peeves success, as this is an
  independently-operated business. Becky relies on satisfied clients as the
  main source of new business. Your referrals are both welcome and
  sincerely appreciated!
For more information send an email to: BestPetPeeves@gmail.com or
call 307-634-7566