For your safety and the comfort of your pets, an introductory Meet~N~Greet is required prior to booking your first service.  Meet~N~Greet Consultations are always free.  This in-home consultation permits us to get acquainted with you, your environment, and your pets.   We will discuss your pets' habits, routines, feedings, and medications (if applicable), or special needs.  It also gives you the chance to ask questions about the services, receive details about our experience and recommendations.  We will put together a great plan for caring for all your pets' needs, while you are away.

We know you want the perfect, safest and most reliable care for your pets.  We would love to chat with you and answer any questions you may have.  Call us today and schedule your FREE Meet~N~Greet!  We look forward to meeting you!

Please print out this form and complete it with your pets' information, and have it ready for us when we come to your home for the "Meet~N~Greet" consultation.   Best Pet Peeves Client Information Form

**A note to frequent business travelers**
   Do you know that you may be able to claim pet sitting services on your taxes as a business expense?  Also, if you are required to travel for business, your employer may reimburse you in part or in whole for the cost of pet sitting services while you are away.  Good to know!!!

Contact:  Becky VanWinkle,
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