Contact:  Becky VanWinkle,
Visits are specifically designed for pets that do not require an overnight stay.  Daily and weekly visits specifically designed to you and your pets' needs are our primary service.  Visits can be scheduled for once, twice, or three times per day.  Services are based on time, not by the number of pets.  Whatever you need done can be factored into the service time.  So let's create a program that works for you and your pets!

Care Includes

Feeding, fresh water, "business breaks", socializing, cleaning litter boxes, basic grooming, walks or yard time, cuddles, playtime and of course, lots of TLC.

Medication & Pill Administration:  Does your pet need to take pills regularly or on occasion to maintain their health?  Best Pet Peeves can help.  Experienced and skilled, (downright creative if necessary!) with administering pills, and keeping your pets on their prescribed regimen.

Injections, Subcutaneous Shots & Fluids:  Many pets need injections or fluids administered routinely throughout the day.  Best Pet Peeves will make sure your pet gets the life-saving and necessary injections they need.  It's more than a shot in the haunches; it is truly knowing, understanding and professionally administering care.

Your outdoor animals need the best care possible too!  Becky is experienced with a variety of outdoor pets, such as:  horses, llamas, chickens, goats, rabbits, etc.  Horse care includes feeding generally 2X per day, topping off water, blanketing (only for well-behaved horses), and administering medications.

Services Always Include
  •         Checking Mail                
  •         Newspaper Pick-up        
  •         Watering Plants
  •         Lights &/or Blind Rotation
  •         Garbage/Recycling Bins to/from Curbside
  •         Home Safety Checks
Other Services Available:
  •         Dog Walking between 11am-3pm.
  •         Pet Transport:  Veterinarian, Groomers, etc.
  •         Pet Shopping:  Food, Litter, Pick-up Prescriptions, etc.
  •         Obedience Work