Contact:  Becky VanWinkle,
The eternal being, as it lives in us, also lives in every animal.

Becky and her service are incredible.  I have always been hesitant to bring someone that I didn't know into our home and especially leave our pets in their hands.  Becky came to our home, met with us and met our pets.  She put our hearts at ease right away.  We have two very high maintenance dogs and she took great care of them.  I especially appreciate the report that she leaves upon our return.  I will always feel comfortable bringing her into our home and taking care of our loved ones.
The Wessenbergs  ~Cheyenne, WY

We have enjoyed having Becky care for our pet when we are out of town.  She has always been available and reliable - even on short notice.  She is a true professional when it comes to our pet.  She leaves a detailed log of how our pet did when we were away and any other items we may need to be aware of.  Becky has been willing to give our pet the medications he needs as well as spend some extra time with him.  She also does a safety check on our home as part of the visit, which puts my mind at peace. She is a true professional and compassionate for the pets she cares for.  I would highly recommend her to anyone needing pet care services.
Brigitte F.  ~Cheyenne

Lucy is a special member of our family, and we want the best care possible for her when we have to be out of town!  Becky's Best Pet Peeves service has been an excellent experience for us and for Lucy.  She is happy to stay in her own home and have three visits a day from Becky - lots of TLC as well as the usual care.  Becky has lots of knowledge about animals, and is quick to recognize a problem that needs attention. Becky also looks after our home and takes care of plants, mail, papers, security, etc.  We would recommend Best Pet Peeves to anyone - as long as Becky doesn't get too busy!
The Leland's  ~Cheyenne, WY

Becky has been our pet sitter the past two and a half years while we've been out of town more than a dozen times. Our cat doesn't hide from her and our dog likes playing catch with her. Becky is always able to deal with whatever special instructions they require. And she brings in the paper and the mail and keeps the plants flourishing. My husband and I, and the pets, are completely comfortable with leaving Becky in charge.
Barb G.  ~Cheyenne

I found Becky and Best Pet Peeves through friends.  Molly my cocker is rather shy, but she warmed up to Becky right from the start and of course Sadie my long-haired dachshund is friendly with everyone.  I told Becky that Sadie loves to give kisses so be prepared.  Becky was so professional during her initial visit and made me feel very comfortable having her come to my home and take care of my dogs while I was gone.   She left a report on her daily visits and a very nice note about the dogs. Becky runs a very respectable business and I will not hesitate to have her take care of my dogs again and will definitely recommend her to friends and family.  Thank you so much Becky.
Trish  B.  ~Cheyenne

I consider myself lucky to have found Becky this year.  She was professional and thorough in our initial interview, and has taken wonderful care of my cat every time I've needed her since.  In addition to feeding and cleaning up after my pet, she has taken in my mail and newspaper while I was gone.  I highly recommend Becky to all people who need a great caretaker of pets and homes.
Diane H.  ~Cheyenne, WY

Best Pet Peeves are the absolutely best pet care service we have ever used. Becky makes sure our pets are well cared for and receive the attention we cannot provide when we travel.  Highly recommend Best Pet Peeves to anyone who has any type of pet and wants compassionate, quality, and over the top pet care.
Dick and Polly H.  ~Cheyenne, WY

The care you show for my animals, both indoors and outdoors including a goat and a barn cat could not be any better.  I have all the confidence in you when I leave you in charge of my critters.  You do a very thorough and professional job.  All the animals think you're great! Thank you, as you continue doing a fantastic job for me!
Thanks again.
Billy White  ~Cheyenne, WY

I have been very fortunate to have great pet sitters over the years; in fact, Becky was recommended to me by my last pet sitter when she wanted to retire. Becky has taken excellent care of my dogs when I've needed her. She's even come over just to work with my shy little female who hides from any stranger and won't let a pet sitter near her.
One of my males is diabetic and requires insulin injections. Becky gives him his shots on time twice a day. And she's given pills if one of the dogs is on antibiotics at the time. She's cleaned up the kitchen floor when my males have gotten into pissing matches. She doesn't mind when I call her to check on the pack and she will call me if she feels I need to know something or has a question. I really like the visit-log sheet she leaves with her notes and observations. I am so grateful for all the things she does.
Deborah Nielsen  ~Cheyenne, WY

Reliable and reasonably priced!  My dogs stay home & my home is not empty.  We've been in Cheyenne for 4 years. Before we found Best Pet Peeves, we relied on friends, or had to take them to the kennel.  My dogs are comfortable and happy.  I don't worry about whether they are being properly taken care of.  Thank you Becky!
Suzie S. ~Cheyenne, WY

I think you do a wonderful job and provide a professional, friendly business that I can count on.
Thank you for your services!
Caroline H. ~Cheyenne

Becky's service, Best Pet Peeves, is a life saver.  We always get rescue dogs as pets and they never seem to like being kenneled again in their lifetime.  We retired back to Cheyenne and saw an article in the WTE about her service.  So we called and she came to our house for an interview and to meet Laney and Molly.  Best move we ever made.  We can travel more frequently without worrying about stressing out the dogs.  Plus we feel very secure that Becky is also looking out for our home/property.  If there was a rating chart and 10 were the best, Best Pet Peeves would definitely be a 10.Judy W & Woody N  ~Cheyenne

We have used Best Pet Peeve for several years now and have found their service competent and reliable.
Becky does a great job taking care of the "kids" if we are out of town and making sure our house is secure. It is really good to know that we can rely on her and today that is important!
John and Karen Boehner  ~Cheyenne, WY

Becky is by far the best dog sitter I have ever had.  My husband and I travel 3-4 times a year, sometimes to places where we cannot be reached.  With Becky I never worry.  I have had teenagers pet sit my pets, I have had people stay in my house, I have had some of my employees pet sit, I have even had my own kids watch my pets. No one does a more comprehensive, dependable job than Becky.  She provides a day by day log of her visits, telling me, the pet owner, what my pets did (how did they eat, were they ill, where were they), as well as certain things that may have gone on in my home. She picks up the paper, the mail, as well as turning various lights on and off.  The most important part is that my pets love and trust her.  Becky takes care of my pets as I would if I were there.  Plus, Becky is extremely knowledgeable about the pets that she is sitting.  She knows when something serious is going on with one of my pets and she takes action.  Last year we went on a long trip to Africa where I could NOT be reached. One of my dogs got very ill; normally I would have been worried sick; not with Becky pet sitting.  She handled it very professionally taking him to the vet for evaluation & treatment.  She is one of our family now and our pets know and love her.  Thank God for Best Pet Peeves.  I have referred this business to everyone I know.
Patty Ann Outlaw Wyatt   ~Cheyenne
Becky and her pet sitting service are first class in every way.  She is reliable, flexible and professional.  We can always trust her to go above and beyond.  Best Pet Peeves has been great for the health and well-being of our pooch and for our peace of mind. 
Richard and Rosemary Barrett  ~Cheyenne

We found Becky through our Vet's office and she came highly recommended. I couldn't be happier with her service.  I know our dogs are always well taken care of when we are on vacation.  She writes detailed notes and emails back quickly if I ever want an update while away.  Thank you so much for everything. 
Jack and Karla Rufus  ~Cheyenne, WY

It's a great relief to know that someone reliable is taking care of our Clementine!
Susan D. ~Cheyenne

Becky, A little note to say thank you for the thoughtful card. Our beloved Winston is missed! But, we know he is better in the heavens with all the other pets of our past. It is so comforting to me to have such an animal lover take care of my pets. We are very grateful for you!
K. Haak & Family  ~Cheyenne

Thank you so much for taking care of our dogs while we were gone, and our home too! I know they were much happier being at home, and having you at the house every day sure helped with our security concerns. Thanks again for providing a wonderful service! Will keep your card handy for any future travels. Also, thank you for the Visit Log you provided. That's a great informative touch to the service you provide.
Phyllis S. ~Cheyenne, WY

By far the BEST service to use in town!!! Becky is amazing and all of my pups LOVED her!!! She comes to your home and not only cares for the animals but also LOVES and plays with them. Highly professional and you can count on her to do what she does BEST!!! Thanks Becky!!!
Brenda Flath  ~Cheyenne

If it weren't for great people like you…………there wouldn't be grateful people like us!Thank you for your service!
The Paine Family  ~Cheyenne

Our family has utilized the services of Best Pet Peeves for a few years now.  We have appreciated the reliable and friendly service provided in the care of our two dogs and two cats.  The personal touch and ability to respond when travel plans change unexpectedly is much appreciated. 
Best Pet Peeves is easy to work with, our pets feel like Becky is a part of the family.  The personal touch with Becky making sure our pets were familiar with her prior to our leaving town was important.  We also shared some laughs in reading her reports about how our pets (including an unexpected kitten) behaved while we were out of town.
Jonathan and Pamela  ~Cheyenne, WY. 

We found out about Best Pet Peeves through a bulletin board notice at work.  I was new to the area and needed someone to help with my animals when the time came to go out of town.  We have 3 dogs that are rescue dogs; so needless to say, they all have their own issues!  We also have 3 horses. The first time I called Becky was to pet sit for the dogs and 2 of the horses.  Well, as fate had it, one of our horses became very ill but that didn't stop Becky ~ she still came and took care of all of them!   We called her on our first day away and she reassured us that all were well.  We didn't find out until we arrived home that our 2 year old horse decided to play "Houdini" and tried to escape his stall.  That didn't stop Becky either, she just piled up wood and a wheel barrel to try and keep him confined, never complaining about anything!  It's such a wonderful feeling to be able to go away and know that our animals are being taken care of the same way we take care of them!  We have used Becky and her pet care service several times now and each and every time everything has gone well.  Thanks so much for all you do and for loving your work!
Tammy, Rex, Junior, Turbo, Clyde, Stella, Emma & Jinx  ~Cheyenne, WY.

Your services are invaluable and so appreciated by both the dogs and me. You always take great care in asking all the right questions making sure my dogs are cared for as well as my home when we are away. The dogs like seeing you and would rather stay home having you feed and take care of them than go to a kennel. I will use your service to watch my pets again and again.
Scott Card, Cutting Edge K9 LLC  ~Cheyenne, WY.

Travel plans made easier!  Frequently my out of town plans are last minute. I know when one of those trips comes up; my pets are well taken care of with just one phone call to Best Pet Peeves. Exceptional service at a fair price and I know my pets are happier at home than at the kennel.
Erich A. ~Cheyenne, WY

I have known Becky for over 30 years.  During that time she has proven over and again her total commitment to the care of her own, mine, and the animals of others. Her honesty is impeccable. I have no second thoughts of who to call when I go away on vacation.  I know my house plants, and animals are in the best hands short of my own. I highly recommend her for any need you may have.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
L. Dill  ~Fort Collins, CO